On the rocks at The Broadsheet Bar

Pour girls game...

How had I forgotten about cocktails? From my first attempt (mixed from the parents drinks cabinet – sorry Mom) to sipping the eponymous Manhattan in Manhattan, we’ve sure had some good times. But somewhere along the way I started swapping mixology for microbrews and since moving to Melbourne I’ve been following the kids on bikes down to the pub and ordering ironically named ales. No more! Thanks to Broadsheet Bar ‘s Cocktail Master Classes, I’ve seen the error of my ways and will be welcoming my potent, clinking, icy friends back into my life…

It's not that hard to grasp. We eventually got a grip on things.

My partner was a little shaken by my expertise but she soon got a grip.

You see I used to not just drink a lot of cocktails, but I thought I knew quite a bit too. Kind of annoyingly so, which has meant in previous cocktail classes I’ve been unimpressed and itching to grab the shaker myself (i.e. show off). In one Sex in the City inspired hen weekend class I sort of took over and had to show the barman how to flame an orange peel.  What fun! Well for me…I weirdly wasn’t invited to the next one.

My orange flaming idea did not a-peel in this class...

But at Bar Broadsheet there’s not hint of Cosmo or a mention of Carrie. Old Fashioned’s and Hemmingway citations are the order of the day here and star barman Dave Kerr even refers to lesser known cocktail legends like Dick Bradsell. But don’t stress, to join this class you don’t need to know that the word cocktail appeared for the first time in print on May 13, 1806  or that Dick Bradsell’s signature serve was The Bramble, made with gin, lemon juice and blackbe…oops I’m showing off again, must be the drink! I’ll stop now…

This class is clever but also easy and fun and perfect for a Sunday afternoon in the city.  Working in pairs you get to mix your drinks from scratch, learning a little as you go and most importantly, drinking your creations at the end.

Licence to spill

Licence to spill

So if you’re anywhere near Melbourne in March you should be logging on to the Schweppes Facebook page to book your place. Oh and did I mention it’s free?

Espresso martini - give it a shot

Here’s my version of the easiest recipe of the day… The Espresso Martini, originally created by Dick Bradsell in 1984 (I can’t help it! But this is a good story…) According to legend, Naomi Campbell walked into his bar and asked Dick to make her a drink that would “wake me up, and then f*** me up”… so he whipped up the first espresso martini and served what he called ‘The Stimulant’ to this model…

You need….

3 parts vodka

4 parts espresso (if you can get) or filter coffee

1 parts Kalhua

Dash of sugar syrup (or you can put sugar in your espresso when it’s hot instead)

Fill a shaker with ice cubes. Add all ingredients. Shake and strain into a chilled martini glass.

Remember to drink responsibly!

The Broadsheet Bar
234 Flinders Lane, Melbourne


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