The flip side (Pancake Tuesday!)

The other day a friend came over for dinner. She arrived bearing a bulging bag of the best doughnuts imaginable (from Olympic Doughnuts). The heady scent of fresh deep fried dough was too much to bear. We ate them right there and then. Before we had even put dinner on. It was glorious. We licked the last sprinkling of sugar from our fingers and declared how fabulous it was to be grown ups and allowed to eat doughnuts before dinner.

Holy Crepe!

It’s with this sentiment I am very much looking forward to Pancake Tuesday. What a day! This greedy ritual of emptying your cupboards before Lenten fasting has been going for over a 1,000 years so why stop now? And being a fully-fledged grown up (of sorts) there is no limit to the amount of flat, round friends I can indulge in on the day. Ricotta hot cakes, tick. French crêpes, tick. Russian blinis, tick. And I’ll definitely be having a few bao bing wrapped around some Peking duck.

But most of all I want the pancakes of my childhood which seem to be unique to Ireland & the UK. They are like a crepe but not so lacy, the do not rise and best of all you can put anything on them but I recommend lemon, sugar and a knob of butter. Yum. This is my most basic quick fix pancake recipe – it ain’t flashy but it fixes an ache and fast.

All you need to get battered

It can be made with no measuring equipment and usually no trip to the shops. It’s easy to do post pub (add whatever else is in the fridge) or on a fragile morning with sliced banana, honey and a strong coffee…go on, take a whisk….

Roll up, roll up!

What you need…

Bowl, whisk, jug of some kind & frying pan

Milk, 2 eggs, flour, pinch of salt, butter/ oil.

Lemon/ lemon juice & sugar.

Makes approx 8 pancakes

Put two eggs (still whole in shells) into a longish jug. Note where they come to. That’s your measure.

Measure you flour to here, put it in your mixing bowl with a pinch of salt. Make a well.

Measure you milk to the same point, add it to the flour.

Crack your eggs in and whisk until the lumps are gone.

Leave to rest. Or not.

Laddle/ spoon some bater into a hot pan, swirl around spread it out. When the edges look cooked, turn or flip if you are brave. If you’re using butter keep some kitchen roll close by to wipe the pan out between cakes (off the heat!) to avoid too much burnt butter.

Pile them up and then eat.

Flippin easy, no?

Stacks of fun

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